“The real contest is always between what we’ve done and what we’re capable of doing. We measure our self against our self and nobody else”.

The Department cultural function – COMZEST took place on 21.10.2021. The staff incharge was Dr.S. Baby and Dr. Aarti.

The theme was Winter Wonderland.

Off stage events such as Mehendi, Pencil Sketching, Hair Dressing, Nail Art, Paper Presentation, Vegetable carving, Rangoli, Flameless cooking and DIY were conducted every day. A Debate Session on “Online Classess or Offline Classes” was conducted in the style of the popular TV show “Neeya Naana”. Best Manager was another off-stage event in keeping with Commerce. On-stage events comprised of Solo Singing, Solo Dance, Duet Dance, Group Dance, Adapt Tune, Fun Quiz and Fashion Parade.


To develop competency and excellence among the students, to face the future challenges by providing value based education, research and training.


To make the department reach the heights of excellence in commerce related aspects

To explore traits of entrepreneurship to overcome the unemployment crisis through the knowledge of digitalization.

To motivate the students to involve in research activities

To inculcate leadership qualities through team work.



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